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Faina Design is the product brand of Ukrainian architect Victoriya Yakusha. Following The Sun is a new collection by the Kiev-based studio. It comprises four floor lights, a pendant lamp, coffee table, bench, and a set of sconces. The lights are styled to resemble sunflowers, Ukraine’s national flower. In another nod to her homeland, Yakusha has given the range a textured finished that employs techniques once used to build traditional clay huts. “Our ancestors were guided by the sun, building their life around solar cycles,” says Faina, explaining the collection’s name. The Following The Sun range will be updated twice a year, around the time of the summer and winter solstices. “In Faina, we follow the sun and begin our new cycle with it,” adds Yakusha. “Winter Solstice is about regrowth and renewal.”

Workplace Blues
Milanese architectural studio Il Prisma was tasked with revitalising the headquarters of Volkswagen Financial Services in the Lombard capital. The resulting design concept was titled Sense of Adventure. “A project that winds through the interior spaces designed to give the sense and direction of the adventure, and to respond to the needs - of both the corporate world and the company employees – such as communication, well-being, a sense of belonging and innovation,” says the press release. The centrepiece of the scheme is the use of WOOD-SKIN, a patented, textured material characterised by polygonal shapes and patterns. Sections of the foyer, the facade of the reception counter, and corridor walls have been clad with WOOD-SKIN in blue MDF, contrasting with the neutral hues and sober style of the rest of the interior. “Thus was born a space intended as a path of identity, to be explored and shared,” concludes the press release.

Good Hoods
Levante is a new addition to the catalogue of Italian extractor hood maker Falmec. The kitchen hardware unit is equipped with a remote-controlled motorised system that lifts and lowers the hood (to a maximum of one metre from the ceiling), and then repositions itself after use. Housed in a rectangular frame of tempered glass, Levante is fitted with an LED panel featuring a “Dynamic Light” function that enables the hood to provide a lot of illumination when in active mode, as well as emitting soft, “relaxing light” when the unit is “at rest”. “With the introduction of its new Levante hood, Falmec has interpreted the most contemporary kitchen style with an incredibly ‘scenic’ solution that catches the eye with its refined design and function,” says the firm. Levante is now available in a new graphite finish incarnation (previously the only options were black or white).



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