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Vol. 285


Design in the Plague Times


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Spanish Seat
Spanish furniture manufacturer STUA has unveiled Libera, an armchair with a dark wood frame and an upholstered seat and backrest. “The visual character of Libera comes from its wooden frame, where the legs are connected with the arms in a fluid way,” says STUA. “The designers have worked the wood material with liberty, as if it was a liquid.” Libera measures 77-by-62-by-71cm, and was designed by STUA founder Jesus Gasca and his son Jon.”

Road Dragon
Austrian architectural practice AllesWirdGut has designed NILS, a motorhome. Commissioned by a private client with wanderlust, NILS was custom made, and built on the chassis of a MAN TGM 4x4 expedition truck. It has a white exterior and a mostly white interior, which is equipped with modular furniture and built-in fittings. There’s heating, air-conditioning, an oven, a dishwasher and an 800-litre hot water tank. Solar panels make the motorhome energy self-sufficient. An awning provides shelter or shade for outdoor dining. “Requirements are manifold and diverse: different climate conditions (mountains, seaside, city, summer, winter, inside and out, rain and sunshine); sports you want to do, plus equipment (biking, golfing, swimming, skiing); as well as sleeping comfort and the amenity value of the spaces (by oneself, as a couple, or with friends); there are many theings that a motorhome must be able to cater for,” says AllesWirdGut. “To new shores – let the road trip around the world begin!”

Danish Duo
Danish brand Gejst has added two new items to its catalogue. Nivo is a minimalist wall-mounted shelving unit. Metal shelves slot into wooden poles that have been screwed to a wall. It is available in two colour options: light oak beam with white shelves, or black ash with black shelves. “With its bright and Nordic expression, Nivo is subtle in its appearance and convincing in its simplicity,” says Gejst. Galet is a kitchen set comprising a solid oak chopping board and three ceramic dishes that have been designed to fit neatly against the edges of the board, so that chopped food can be easily brushed into a dish. “Galet is inspired by the small stones that you find on the beach, polished, softened and rounded by the persistent ocean waves,” says Gejst.



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