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One to Ten
Danny Cheng Interiors


Aero-tonic Engineering
Italian cooker hoods specialist Falmec has branched out and launched an indoor-air purifying device that goes by the name Bellaria. An active ionisation system gets rid of odours and airborne pollutants with the minimal amount of fuss (read, noise). The unit has an illuminated glass facade, and could pass for a modern table lamp. The colour of the device changes from yellow to green as the air becomes cleaner. Bellaria won the silver prize in the Wellness and Relaxation Products category at the European Product Design Awards in March.

Beauty of Physics
Montrealais “object and lighting studio” Larose Guyon has designed an interactive sculpture for the lobby of the new EMC2 boutique hotel in Chicago. The brief requested an installation that “combines ingenuity, art and science”. The resulting art piece is based on a zoetrope, and consists of 44 pairs of laser-cut copper wings arranged inside a large wheel that can be rotated by hand-operated crank. Movement brings the ornate, mechanical sculpture to ‘life’. “This work is a reminder that inventions of old are still something to marvel at, if only you let your inner child take over for a little while,” reads the press release.

Bottom Lines Reimagined
Allaperto is a chair collection from Italian garden-decor firm Ethimo. Allaperto comes in four subtly distinct guises. The frame shape remains the same, but the colours, material and upholstery differ. Pickled teak, metal, plastic, mahogany, Etwick fibre, wool and cashmere are some of the elements that give each variation an individual identity. “Allaperto, one philosophy for four different ‘outfits’: Montagna, Grand Hotel, Camping Chic and Urban,” reads the press release. “Different looks, the same essence.”



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