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Michael Wolf on architectural photography
h spot
Ancient Egypt comes to life in Tamarai

Design news from everywhere
Three luminous projects by Focus Lighting
Virgile Simon Bertrand’s Proxemics exhibition
project news
Exciting architectural projects in the pipeline
*BarCode in Soho, London
*Vodafone Malta store
*Nendo’s floating office in Tokyo
*Zaha Hadid’s fabric-skinned Burnham Pavilion in Chicago
*Charles Oudin Paris flagship store
cover story
Lenscape: architectural photography through the viewfinder

project file
*Townhouse on Charlotte Road by Stephen Taylor Architects
*Vitasol Baths by 4a Architekten
*RT+Q Houses in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore
*OVO Clinic by NFOE
Frank Gehry’s striking face-lift of Toronto’s Art Gallery of Ontario

global perspective
Elliott & Associates Architects’ series of evocative,
intricately realised buildings

out there
A look at social events around the city

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The act of making architecture involves many people doing many things, but it is usually considered complete at the moment of occupation. The client moves in, the architect moves on, the contractor breathes a sigh of relief, and the media (in some cases) focusses its searing gaze on what’s been made. Just around this time, a stealth visitor shows up, carrying some equipment, generally slipping onsite quietly, watchfully, sizing up the brand new building or space, then spends a few hours or days making a visual record of what he/she sees. The architectural photographer is a lonely hunter, seeking out certain ‘truths’ about buildings that perhaps differ from their architects’ or owners’. The images produced from the lenses of great photographers can make a building look more beautiful than it is, or less; they can alter our appreciation of them, or help us understand them better. These photographs are factual records, true, but also artistic interpretations, and as such, have the ability as much to distort as to uncover, to enhance as well as to explain...

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