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Public Housing in the New Era
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How To Win Design Competition?
This comprehensive collection documents a decade of architectural work in the arena of international design competitions, by graduates of the University of Hong Kong, Department of Architecture...


Public Housing in the New Era Shui Chuen O architectural Design Competition
by Hong Kong Housing Authority

Publisher : Hinge Marketing Ltd
ISBN : 9056623949
Language : English
Paperback : 132 pages
Dimensions : 300 x 300mm

HK$200, US$26

This Publication is a record of the first ever architectural design competition conducted by the Hong Kong Housing Authority for a Home Ownership Scheme (HOS) Project to be developed in Shui Chuen O, Shatin. The HK$1,324 million residential development accommodating 2,500 flats is envisaged to add a stunning new dimension to the Shui Chuen O area, achievable through a development noted for its capitivating design, superb quality and premier location.

In addition to comprehensive features of the shortlisted competitors and the 3 winners, this Publication depicts all 62 entry submissions and their endeavours to create a distinguished landmark of enduring character and quality expressed through a pleasant and desirable design for the enviornment and at the same time leading a new direction in housing design.

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